Last night's dream was a video game. I remember being able to select people, little glowing circles appeared at their feet upon selection, and direct their actions during play. I recall there was a giant monitor lizard opponent making frequent appearances in the game. They were tough beasts but they'd make their appearance as giant, scaly, iridescent eggs making them easy to avoid with clever movement. When a player became too close to the eggs, a monitor lizard would hatch and initiate combat. At one point I became separated from the team violating the cardinal rule of playing games: Never split up the team. I approached a building with a gothic arch door and within the doorway was one of those eggs. Believing I had no other choice I approached, the egg hatched and the monitor bit one of my fingers. The bite didn't hurt but the lizard hung on for dear life while I waggled my hand and arm to escape its mouth. Eventually the other players arrived and I found release.

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