My heels still hurt. Reckon my Achilles tendons are still healing. Read somewhere that eliminating inflammation makes the injuries which are supposed to be inflamed can make them prone to be re-injured. Such is life when popping iburofen to work a job requiring me to remain on my feet.

I printed out Lester Dent's Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot again, but right now I'm focusing on researching another avenue for earning extra money and potentially parlay it into a new career while remaining in real estate. I've perused four sites, three of which basically reframe the same basic information but one particular site got down to the nitty-gritty with questions to ask and why they are being asked, in addition to making my own questions to learn more about this investment opportunity. On the bright side, I'll be able to help people keep their homes.

A noble endeavor in this day and age, ĉu ne?

Speaking of which, I listened to 99% Invisible over the weekend and the episode discussed The Missing Middle. To oversimplify things: Home and rental prices are skyrocketing because of old laws and restrictions put in place limiting residential areas to building housing for single-owner rather than increasing housing density. Dense housing like apartment complexes and the like are few and far between because of institutional racism. Back in the early 20th century high-density housing was associated with undesirables, i.e. brown people and immigrants with their smelly cooking and funny accents, and Catholics. So hoping to keep suburbia white, residential areas are zoned for single owners rather than for apartments and other high-density housing. Hamstrung by this, and current homeowners wringing their hands over lost equity from these restrictions being lifted, life is becoming unlivable. Even more unlivable with the war in Ukraine driving up gas prices, unconscionable inflation, and a lame duck President of the United States who can do nothing except give lip service to progressive agendas but ultimately dismissing them out-of-hand.

Seriously Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter without moral fiber nor charisma. Yet while most Presidents remain President because of the "Things could be worse, the Vice President could become President", Joe Biden has the whole, "You want a fascist nationalist running the show? Go ahead, enjoy your pogroms and Republicans hoping to channel the energy of Hungary's Viktor Orban and failing spectacularly."

A month or so ago, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey teased on NPR his plan to make New Jersey affordable again rather than becoming the economic hellscape of Connecticut where either you're dirt poor or disgustingly wealthy. Absolutely nothing has been done nor said about this endeavor since and I have little to no confidence in Murphy actually doing anything. Hope springs eternal that Murphy is going along the same route of Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon by eliminating single-family zoning.
I have little confidence in Murphy because marijuana is legal for recreational use in 18 states plus the District of Columbia. Those states are amazing examples of using capitalism to better a state's economy and lives of citizens but New Jersey completely fucked it up.
No legal homegrow.
No support for businesses owned by people of color.
Outlandish prices being commanded by the thirteen recreational dispensaries in New Jersey.
Not to mention a lot of kowtowing to pharmaceutical industries to mitigate their position peddling opiates and the like.
Compounding this, there are people who continue to insist marijuana is harmful like heroin and cocaine. Those people often get a soapbox on mainstream media since outlandish claims mean more advertising dollars, and they terrify the old folks who lived through the 'horrors' of the 1960s and 1970s and fear it could all happen again.

I fear Murphy will take the good idea of eliminating single-family zoning, enact it, but the elimination will be largely meaningless in the long run despite the return on investment. New Jersey was barely livable over the past 13 years I've been back from Colorado, but the pot has begun boiling in earnest and this proverbial frog is noticing the heat.

Back in the early 1980s I remember my biological parents talking about a new development being built in our town. They seemed to be liberal back then and made a good point that low-income housing isn't just for brown people and immigrants, it's for the local kids who want to stay in the community after growing up there. IIRC, that development became a costly shitshow.

So now the United States, and New Jersey, is facing a reckoning. Old racist policies are coming back to bite us in the ass. Not just the 'darkies' and 'undesirables', but now our kids who we wouldn't provide for due to short-sightedness and illogical thinking stemming from tacit racism and sheer greed.

Late-stage capitalism? You're soaking in it.

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