On Thursday night my right ankle started hurting and I'm none to happy about it. Been treating it often with ice in addition to popping ibuprofen. Sometime on Saturday I'll acquire a compression sock for the ankle. My sister bought me one when my Achilles tendon injury was quite painful and the garment didn't help me one whit so I chucked it. My ankle feels kinda like my knee felt and I'm hoping compression will do the trick and get me back on track with healing.

On Wednesday I microdosed and decided I'd give a dropper of the solution to my succulent. My thinking was the joke/parable of some evangelist giving a pamphlet to someone saying it will make them happy. The recipient then puts the pamphlet in a toaster and activates it to the evangelist's horror. "Why?"
"I want the toaster to be happy too."
For what it's worth my little succulent, an echeveria, has turned a remarkable and deep shade of green ever since I repotted it in new desert soil I acquired from Walmart. I added some bloodmeal into the mix as well and I hope that's helping. Poor li'l fella started out as a gimmicky notion being sold at Aldi, covered in glow-in-the-dark paint. I watched the painted leaves shrivel and die, plucking them off after examining my little friend, but the echeveria wasn't doing that well but he hung in there. Succulents are tough little fuckers. I am hoping the plant continues to thrive since it's the only other living being in my living space besides me.
At the other county there's a Christmas cactus sitting in the window and it's a pale green with the edges turning red. The red is not a good sign. Right now I'm thinking if I happen to abscond with that plant, I can repot it with fresh soil, add a little bloodmeal, hydrate the poor thing, and it will flourish once again. Hell, I might wind up keeping the plant for myself.

Just found out that the plant belongs to another title searcher. My co-worker in the county will enquire about the plant.

While driving to Ocean on Friday I realized that I hadn't really thought about a certain person from Pennsylvania with red hair. Hopefully this means I'm moving on and overcoming the mindfuck games they pulled on me.

Finally I signed up for a free course in a new venture and hope to tackle the first lesson on Saturday.

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