This wasn't from the other night, but more like Saturday night? There was a short, dark-haired woman and I noticed she had amazing tits. Not too big, not too small, but full and round. I propositioned her and she accepted. She was wearing clothes that covered most of her body, long sleeves and long pants, and I discovered why much to my horror. She was covered in deep, jagged scars everywhere except for her face. Her chest was like a toothless old man's mouth with the lips sinking in because the teeth weren't holding the lips back. Making matters worse she removed her wig to reveal the scars extended over her scalp and the dark empty holes which were her ears. The situation became more terrifying because the flaps of skin encircled by scars weren't attached to her head. Either by her will, or a stiff breeze behind her, she was capable of raising them up and down as she breathed.
Absolutely disturbing.

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