It's election season and the Monmouth county republicans are sending me absolute crap about "BiDeNs LaWs WoN'T HaPpEn HeRe" and other bullshit. Thing is I'm only getting flyers from the republicans. Democrats, on the other hand, couldn't give two flying fucks about me. Hell, I haven't a clue if the democrats are sending mailers to other citizens of Monmouth county or not.

So I left a voicemail for the Monmouth county democrat office and left my number with my inquiry. Also mentioned I'm independent because democrats-as-we-know-them aren't liberal enough for my tastes. I want balls-to-the-wall European socialism and protections. Instead it's just a bunch of MAGA trumptards using dark filters to make liberals look menacing.

Which is ridiculous considering democrats haven't been riding around with fascist flags, they haven't stormed the Capitol, they are critical of the Supreme Court but at best they're making it so justices can't eat out in public because the public is voicing their displeasure with the Supreme Court's interpretation of the United States Constitution.

In other news, I have a favorite porn video. Two, actually, and they feature the same woman. Funny thing is that I wasn't able to find the sauce except for one search for "latina woman does (act)"
A little before my 7:20 a.m. alarm, I was browsing /gif/ on 4chan and some anon said, "Oh you're a fan of (porn star)!". This woman isn't a professional porn star, rather she does her own clips and sells them on various sites around the internet.
This pleases me.

There are only two women in porn who have captured my imagination. One because she resembles Edna LaMontagne Voegele and this performer is known for doing lactation videos. For those of you playing along at home, Edna LaMontagne Voegele has fantastic tits and I was always distracted when she was over to do bookkeeping since she had, as Leah put it, 'nursing nips'. This revelation came about early on, October of 2016, when Edna came up to Leah and talked about how she had a rash on her chest then proceeded to show the rash to Leah which happened to include her tits. Also Leah let slip that Edna has a firebush. When Leah told me that, I immediately heard the jungle ambience sound played on the old Howard Stern Show whenever some thot came in to get naked for radio fame. A close match for the sound effect is this video of laughing kookaburra birds.
At the time that juxtaposition was more hilarious than anything, but I was still fucking fascinated by her tits. Still am to an extent.
Not a fan of bush, but not in a position to be a choosing beggar.
And I've gotten off-track.

The other woman is this particular woman who I recently discovered her identity. To be brief, she clearly enjoys what she does.
Kind of like Claire from Gloryhole Swallow. After Claire went off the deep end with four visits to the gloryhole and a stint in professional porn with Exploited College Girls, she became a born-again Christian, got married, and posted some cringey YouTube videos e.g. Video One and Video Two.

Good lord this is cringey and makes me come across as an incel.

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