Monday afternoon, after work, I was catching up on Twitter when I saw my friend Hayley Stevens tweet about her latest round of Wordle. For those of you playing along at home Wordle is analogous to the game Hangman. A five-letter word must be guessed in six tries or fewer. Letters which are correct, but not in the word are colored yellow. Letters in the word which are placed correctly are green. Anyway here's Hayley's tweet:

a tweet from hayley stevens showing the outcome of her daily play of the word game known as wordle featured in the new york times

I play Wordle too, typically in the morning, and thought something about her tweet was eerily familiar.

a screenshot of my game of wordle from monday the fourth. my first guess was the word ghost, followed by the word stage, then i correctly guessed the word as being sting.

Needless to say I became excited.

I played Wordle this morning and I saw you played it today as well. Viz your tweet:
I got the same pattern as you.
Did you play the same words as me? I only ask because, as you saw, my first guess was "ghost" and well, you're Hayley Is A Ghost.
Okay thank you byebye. Hope you can respond because I'm curious.

I played exactly the same words as you wtf

for real or are you funnin'?

I always start with ghost or dance

hahaha oh wow

I mean... what are the odds? There's always a chance someone's starting word will match what someone else will start with in their daily Wordle game. As for the second row matching, it's possible but the odds increase against such a coincidence. As for solving on the third try with the same two guesses, I wonder what the odds could be for such a coincidence.

Deep down in the part of my mind which still gets caught up in the sense of wonder surrounding anomalistics and forteana, I desperately want this to be proof of inadvertant telepathy. More rationally I reckon it's just one-of-those-things where people happened to align and it's bound to happen, much like solving Wordle on the first try.

quite a mess

At the courthouse I saw the little deed room housing deed books from 1 to 1008 was out of sorts.

a glimpse into one of the basement deed rooms at the ocean county courthouse. one of the tables is covered with random papers and cardboard making for a mess.

Turns out there was a leak in the ceiling, water damaged those documents, and someone decided it was a good idea to pile 'em up on one of the tables/shelves.


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