A very brief oneiric vignette which woke me from a sound sleep last night. I was laying on my back and found my face to be clean shaven. Probably my head was shorn as well since I don't recall any discomfort from a ponytail nor feeling hair over my ears.
I was laying flat on my back because I was about to be executed for something but I had no idea. An aside: For the past week or so I've had nagging feelings about death being near haunting me, but they were fleeting and smoking dope helped mitigate their affect upon my psyche. There was someone near my face, I think they were the executioner or a counselor for those who were to be executed, and this person was telling me not to open my mouth because it would hurt more. In my mind I saw a vision of me opening my mouth in surprise, or to scream in horror, when the axe fell and it broke my jaw before going into my neck.
Since the jaw got into the axe's path, the decapitation was not successful on the first stroke.
That woke me up. A minute or two after I gathered myself I went to brush my teeth since I went to bed stoned and forgot to brush.

Wednesday was a curious day. Since work is slow as a title searcher, I am emailing the field department for more work when I have nothing to do. When I did this on Tuesday, I never heard back and that made me anxious. Did it again on Wednesday at 9:44 a.m. but no response, eliciting anxious thoughts of them gunning to cut me loose by denying me work in a passive-aggressive fashion. I emailed again at 10:35 a.m. and got a response of, "Typically I'm in meetings all morning and it's best to just text me."


Work started, happened, then ended. I hung outside the courthouse playing a Wordle clone that allows unlimited plays, the original Wordle can only be played one a day, when my accountant phoned me. Turns out I have a sizeable refund coming my way, mitigating the awkward feelings arising from Monday's entry. Lemme tell ya, it's a fucking relief since I was afraid I'd get sent to the cleaners after the previous regime established legislation taxing 'liberal' states at a higher rate than hillbilly COVID deathcamp states. So... woo fucking hoo!

Before my accountant phoned me, I did pull a random tarot card on my phone and it was the major arcana Justice XI. While Judgement XX is about one's personal decision, or judgement, Justice is about an external influence making a decision based upon one's character and actions. Justice XI also appears when one needs to make an important choice with a potential for long-term repercussions for better or worse.

Since Leah is going away to South Carolina on Saturday morning and I wouldn't see her until she returns, she promised me dinner, I stopped by unannounced to say good bye and wish her bon voyage. We talked for a little bit and she mentioned how her employer is now hiring for her original position at her job. Even if I wind up paying my own way for health insurance, I'll still be earning more than I am currently as a title searcher. A not-inconsiderable amount, even thought it's probably still peanuts to everyone else. Plus there are improvements to my quality of life in a work environment along. She urged me to apply before the end of the week so I banged out a cover letter and updated my resume when all the while I thought I'd never have to update again. My fingers are crossed but I am not hanging my hat.

I enjoy title searching. It's quiet. As I described it in earlier posts, too lazy to rummage through old entries so I could link to it, there's a monastic quality to researching properties and preparing the chain of title. The only people I need speak with are my managers and that's on a voluntary basis when I have a question. Other searchers leave me be, and vice versa. Downsides are travelling 40-something miles to Toms River and back every day of the week. Also working in the other county there's a je ne sais quois about their county clerk's office and the other searchers that stresses me out. To the credit of the other county, they're using Landex which is a superior product than NuVision even though NuVision appears to be the industry standard in New Jersey.

of minor interest

So I played Wordle and there was an odd little coincidence.

the word i started with in this game of wordle from wednesday is swamp. turns out the word is marsh. swamp and marsh are synonymous. an interesting coincidence according to me.

I started the game with "swamp" and then discovered Wednesday's word was "marsh" which is synonymous with "swamp". Again, probably a coincidence.

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