When the oneiric THC haze lifted, I found myself at the center line of an American football stadium. Folks in my field of view were wearing white jerseys with red letters/designs. A chant became audient. Rhythmic claps counting up to sixteen, followed by a lone pair of claps. Then I heard the accompanying chant, "CIN-CIN-NA-TI SUCKS" Each syllable met the beat and sucks being its own. My brain started playing around with the rhythm and chant whereupon I realized I was dreaming. No idea how, I just figured it out. There was fun with the variations but it began to distort.
Then I woke for real, went for a pee and caught myself whispering, "cin-cin-na-ti sucks". When I got back in bed I kept repeating, "Wow, what a dream."

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