Yesterday was the day I was supposed to start posting old dreams. I didn't post them yesterday but I did update yesterday's entry to include a dream from October 15th, 2011.

Well this is an interesting article I found on Saturday afternoon. The Dangers of Trait Over-Selection by Temple Grandin.

Be warned, there will be a generous application of 'spivak's razor' in the following text.

Over-selection for appearance traits, such as a lean, fine-boned conformation, extensive white coloration depigmented like an albino, and blue eyes are often associated with neurological defects and nervousness. Likewise, over-selection for performance traits in racehorses and cutting horses causes changes to occur in other traits, such as temperament.

Very interesting.

Blue eyes can also signal neurological defects. It is well known that white cats with blue eyes are deaf. But, white cats with dark eyes, or small areas of pigmented hair, are less likely to be deaf. Although blue eyes in themselves may not always signal neurological defects, breeding two blue-eyed Australian Shepherd dogs together results in pups that have eye, ear. and brain abnormalities. Blue eyes are a warning sign because they are associated with a reduced pigmentation throughout the body.

I wonder how much of this is applicable to Homo sapiens. One thing is for certain is that I'm even more disinclined to consider dating a woman with blue eyes now.
My first girlfriend Malyss has blue eyes, but she was fairly normal. rebeka from LambdaMOO has blue eyes and was a complete hot mess. My paternal grandfather had blue eyes and I guess I don't remember much about him, but he most certainly cheated on my paternal grandmother with Mrs. Monahan. The person I knew from Egg Harbor City has blue eyes, not to mention there were other aspects about her physical appearance which put me on edge. I don't remember if another person I recently met and had everything go tits-up in the span of 48 hours had blue eyes, but they aren't worth researching. Stacy, from what I remember and by peeking at her pictures on Facebook seem to show she also has blue eyes.
On the other hand Leah and raddidge have brown eyes. Edna LaMontagne Voegele has hazel eyes making her a daywalker.

In short, I conclude I tend to have shitty taste in people and eye color/genetics have no bearing on one's character. More interesting is that I may have qualities which encourage others to bring out their worst sides.

In keeping with this topic, a study published in January of 2008 declared blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor.

as referenced yesterday...

As I posted yesterday, "...my friend Henry in Ohio. He put a lot of work into designing icons for media on his computer and those icons look really good". Here they are:

an image featuring four icons with a star trek design. upper left corner is one for deep space nine featuring the titular space station coming out of a comm badge shape with the letters ds9 on the bottom. upper right has the enterprise d emerginc from a comm badge shape with the letters tng on the bottom. lower left corner features the original enterprise coming out of a comm badget shape with the letters tos on the bottom. bottom right shows the uss voyager emerging from a comm badget shape with the letters voy on the bottom. all of these icons have the name of the program along with the dates of their respective durations on broadcast television.
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