I went onto the tiny back deck for a nap and fresh air which lasted about an hour. Sometime after 1 p.m. I felt something weird on my upper lip then woke from pain. I figured I had been bitten by a fly, went inside, looked in the bathroom mirror to find something dark in my lip and figured I'd have a few days of pain and discomfort. A little later I pulled something out and it was this:

an odd object on my finger. i do not know how to accurately describe it but to me it appears to be a stinger and a venom gland. i believe there is a moustache hair to the right of the object.

After removing it, the pain lessened but it's still haunting me. Looks like it might be from being stung. The long, thin bit to the right of what I am calling a venom sac is probably a hair from my moustache.

How fucking annoying that I can't go outside in New Jersey without some insect eating or attacking me.

other news

I have a job interview on Wednesday the 19th at 9 a.m.. The position is an academic admissions advisor with an online university. Probably gonna play hooky. Gotta look at my remaining PTO, which was savaged in 2022 as I dealt with various injuries, and see if that's feasible. I am pretty certain I have at least 16 hours of regular time off that I wish to save for Black Friday and my birthday. I will never work Black Friday again after my long-time employer in Colorado declared them to be mandatory.
Did the general manager come into the office? Nope. Cunt was out with her sister, my department manager, lining up at Walmart for Black Friday deals.

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