One thing I recall from last night's dream was snakes. First snake I encountered had their scales removed but they were still alive. I was horrified because that's downright cruel to do to a snake, but the snake was still alive and didn't appear to be experiencing any discomfort although I am not familiar with how ophidians demonstrate their inner states. Later in the dream I found a boa constrictor of my own, still covered in their own scales, and this snake was very gregarious and curious. I didn't want to lose the snake but the snake kept trying to squirm away from me and head to points unknown.

I was going to patronize the Bond Street Bar in Asbury Park, right behind Johnny Mac's, except they are cash-only which is a huge disappointment. Wound up going to the latter, had a good beer, a few pineapple juices, then a pumpkin beer which left me unsettled. The scent and taste were very strong and pumpkin-forward, to the point of feeling artificial. When I peed on Saturday morning my piss was really yellow. Not dark, so I wasn't dehydrated, but yellow like I took some B-complex vitamins.

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