Whoops, I had an old dream to post on the sixth but I forgot to cut and paste it. If you're inclined, check it out.

A month or so ago I heard Salman Rushdie being interviewed on The New Yorker Radio Hour. According to David Remnick the interview was edited down from three hours and it was one of the best and smartest interviews I've heard in a while. I creeped Remnick's email and asked if he'd make the full three hours available but I never heard back.
During last night's dream I had an email back from the guy with a link to the file, or the file, of the whole, unexpurgated interview. A moment later I received yet another email from The New Yorker from a woman whose name I didn't recognize. I think I was talking in my sleep and it kinda woke me out of the dream without interrupting the dream.

When I woke there was no file nor email.

Had therapy on Thursday and I think I have a good therapist. He keeps me on-track and avoiding sidebars as distractions from uncomfortable shit. Work is fine, just boring, and sometimes I find myself falling asleep at my desk but my productivity is good.

At the moment I feel hurried since I got home from therapy at 7, got Chinese food since I was crunched for time, and I'm watching Ted Lasso again because Big Week was such a good episode. I rarely re-watch television programs, for what it's worth. Gotta take out my garbage, take my box fan out of my closet and set it up, then take a shower before hitting the sack.

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