I was someplace very rural, or at least civilization collapsed and was among survivors who were fairly carefree and were making the best of the changes. It was night, the sky was very dark but I don't recall looking up to spy the stars. At the time I was walking through some very tall grass, a little taller than me, towards some light ahead of me. With my approach the light became brighter and visibly flickering. There were people in swimsuits, I think, or less who were filing through the grass towards the fire. So I followed them through the tall grass and felt the light around me.

I am looking forward to Summer Isle Burn and the one thing I keep thinking about are the rattlesnakes.

There are two known species of venomous snakes on the mountain, copperheads and timber rattlesnakes. While copperheads are widely considered the more aggressive of the two, the timber rattlesnake is far more common, as the mountain is considered a special breeding ground for the species. Copperheads are more likely to be found near water and in wood piles, where it is slightly humid or moist. Timbers prefer rockier terrain, but will travel wider distances and generally are just as likely to be under a pile of logs as sunning on rocky outcroppings.

In the back of my mind I'm fascinated by the fact there will be rattlesnakes there. I want to see one.

For a little bit on Friday night I was playing around with bibisco, a program touting itself as "a comprehensive toolkit for writing your novel." The program has some good worldbuilding features and helps in organizing characters, places, and plots. The developer associating it with a novel makes it seem daunting, but I'm sure it can be applied to short stories. Haven't done too much, just a shitpost with BoneQuest characters and themes from that webcomic.

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