In lieu of the typical, post-Twitter nonsense making up the content of inkubo.org, I'm going to post this. Provenance unknown.

  1. Mixed signals are not a sign to try harder.
  2. Money is not a reflection of worth.
  3. You’re better off losing somebody else than losing yourself.
  4. The happiest people are too busy doing their own thing to compare themselves to others.
  5. You deserve to be loved even if you are still learning to love yourself.
  6. You’re only "difficult" to people who are used to getting their own way.
  7. Insecurity does not mean weakness.
  8. Life changes for the better when you stop being subtle about what you want - in a relationship, in bed, in a career, and on your pizza.
  9. Sometimes what you’re looking for is different or simpler, not "more" or "better".
  10. Most of what you see online is not real.
  11. A breakup isn’t about you being undesirable or unlovable. It’s about incompatibility.
  12. Closure is not a team sport.
  13. There’s a big difference between someone who wants you and someone who deserves you.
  14. Failing does not mean you’re a failure.
  15. The absence of what you WANT does not negate the presence of what you have.
  16. Your mental health is more important than what the internet, a checklist, or your parents expect of you.
  17. Starting over doesn’t mean you’re moving further away from what you deserve, it means you’re getting closer.
  18. You can be a kind person and still say no to what disturbs your inner peace.
  19. Some of your life’s best days haven’t happened yet.
  20. You’re not missing out when you decide you’d rather be alone than lonely with somebody else.
  21. If you don't get what you want, you get what you need.
  22. Stop apologizing for existing. You deserve to exist.
  23. Nobody judges you as harshly as you judge yourself.
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