Once again I forgot to post an old dream. This one should've gone up with the Friday the 14th entry.

A woman was taking me for a drive at night someplace remote or after the collapse of civilization. I contemplate the latter considering the ubiquity of light pollution and America's perpetuation of a 24/7 culture where there's always something open, like a convenience store. The inside of the car was lit by the dashboard lights while the outside was painted with blacks, shades of gray, and tints of moonlight in open areas. The road reminded me a bit of the lonely stretches of road cutting through the pine barrens, much like the western portion of Route 70 but also other roads further south in New Jersey.
We drove past something that appeared to be a greenhouse / farmer's stand but my unknown female driver mentioned how it was a car dealership that closed a while ago. She pulled over and I heard the distinct call of a red-winged blackbird. I got out of the car and walked over to the building where I found two nests under the eaves. Dream logic demanded that I remove the nests from those eaves and place them in the canvas roofs of some nearby, broken-down convertible cars. I showed her the nest, a male red-winged blackbird stayed to guard his four eggs but the bird didn't attack me. I thought, "Don't worry. You're going to be alright. Just need to place you somewhere safer" whereupon I cut open one of those canvas tops and placed the nest inside.
With minimal conscious thought I realized the birds would suffocate since the convertible roof didn't give enough space for the birds. So I acquired two moccasins and placed them in the nest, forming a 'v', to contain the eggs and keep the canvas high enough so the parents could come and go with minimal fuss without sacrificing the benefits of shelter. The same act for the second nest wasn't as detailed but I assumed in the dream I did the same thing.

On Saturday I wrote for the fortean website, powerwashed some planters for my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law then hung around shooting the shit with her until 5 o'clock whereupon I hit the Toms River Shop-Rite, Fisher Bay not the "World Class" MAGA drone by the Parkway, for my weekend groceries. Turns out the Neptune Shop-Rite is a hair cheaper than Fisher Bay. Also the Fisher Bay location has begun shuffling their aisles which is annoying and potentially a product of being bought out by the Saker family.

Received my first image of tits by text for 2023 and they are nice tits.

Bought Chained Echoes from Good Old Games.

Went to Seaside Heights for an Italian hot dog. As I approached the Thomas A. Mathis and J. Stanley Tunney Bridges I could see the barrier island was already wrapped in fog. My early dinner was fine but there was an asshole driving around in their giant gay pickup truck flying MAGA flags. Wish I had a hand grenade to throw into the truck's bed and end that person's misery.

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