I find myself on a cruise ship plying the rooftops of some unknown town. The boat's course was a bit erratic at first but it eventually found a byway and stuck to it. I could see chimneys and roofs and the sun crawling towards the western horizon. At one point the boat goes under. The deck of the ship upon I'm standing becomes a wooden escalator going down deeper and deeper somewhere. Then I woke up, realized I smelled, and took a very early morning shower.

an old dream from 4/24/2015

Last night I dreamt that my wife was begging me for money to pay the dues at her swinger club.

Wait, what? Swinger club?

Apparently she's been going there on Thursdays, and she revealed all she does is suck on other girls's titties and nothing else.

I took it upon myself to investigate the matter. The club was a typical New Jersey storefront. Around the entrance is a diner-like area with red vinyl booths and a counter. In the back was a lot of dark, wood panelling straight out of a 1970's basement bar. The joint was hopping.

Nothing was happening in back, so I repaired to the front for a bit overhearing the conversations of shadowy dream people with their air of familiar strangeness. After a bit, I went back and discovered there were people going into closets to do their nasty business.

Not only was I unable to get into the closets, but I couldn't find my wife anywhere.

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