Not so much a dream but a scene from a dream. I was standing on a beach and there was a dark hemispherical tent nearby. Some tall and thin old guy was sitting in its shade when a naked skinny girl came into the scene. She reminded me of someone I briefly knew in Colorado except the woman I knew in Colorado had five daughters in a very short span of time. This woman had a six pack and looked like she worked out every day and I wrote the story of the scene before me. He's old, he made his money, and now he's spending his money on getting the tail he couldn't get during his youth.

I smoked on 420 and, while pleasant, I'm not really a fan of losing myself in that way anymore since I feel like I have to be more responsible and less carefree. On Saturday I went to Long Pond, Pennsylvania for Pocono 420, a festival celebrating cannabis. Marijuana is not really legal in Pennsylvania so I was stunned seeing giant bags of weed, giant jugs full of flower, folks offering free edibles, and stands selling psilocybin mushrooms. On top of it all, they were selling seeds and plants.
Some of the plants were cheap.

a photograph of small marijuana plants for sale at pocono420. the price is a paltry twenty bucks for one plant.

Thought about buying one for my dealer in Livingston but decided against it. I'm already going to help them acquire a copy of their birth certifiate and social security card but getting them a marijuana plant would be a bridge too far in my anxious opinion.

The whole reason why I attended Pocono420 was because I was invited by my friend Sarah. We had a conversation about the failings of capitalism and how the system seems to be stacked against regular people as the rich get richer. I mean McDonalds reported record profits yet they're laying off people. Since I'm an hour closer to the Poconos than her, I had the luxury of sleeping in a wee bit more. By the time I arrived, Sarah and Benny had been in line for more than an hour. At first I was content to wait in line but she urged me to walk up to them and cut in. A smart move since the line was slow-moving. There were security-types but I remembered the adage of, "Act like you belong" and made it almost all the way to the front.

I was quiet most of the time. Spoke a little to both Benny and Sarah. Texted my dealer in Livingston a bit. I remember how if I went out in public with Leah that she'd be constantly on-guard with me, wondering if I was going to flip out because I was quiet and not enjoying things the way she enjoys them. On the other side of the coin, Benny and Sarah were perfectly happy that I was content being quiet and observing everything.
One thing I was happy for was my lower back pain seems to have subsided. I was walking around for about four hours until I had to sit down and rest because my back was barking. Still a helluva lot better than it was in the middle of March.
Around five it was time to head back and we were under the impression our cars were parked far away from each other.
Not so!
Turns out our cars were two spaces from each other in the same row!

On Sunday I realized I acquired a sunburn on my face, despite the cloudy skies in the Poconos, but I'll survive. I volunteered at the cat rescue in the morning and there were five new cats there. After that I just did food shopping and started playing a video game called Chained Echoes. It's fun.

Monday was just a Monday at work. When I got home there was a frantic hour where I emptied my crock pot and put the chicken away, started cooking my meatballs, started laundry, and took a shower. After the shower I checked on my laundry, flipped the meatballs, fucked around a bit on the internet, then ate three meatballs for dinner. Those were a busy couple of hours but I got a lot of stuff squared away.

I saw Carla, the woman who lives downstairs, for the first time in forever. She's had bronchitis for about a week and was finally feeling better, so she hit me up to buy some weed off me. Told her about my plug in Whiting and how there's a good deal for an eighth just to keep in her back pocket. Anyway I gave her two nugs and got twenty bucks.

At work things seem a bit hectic. We are migrating from one management system to another at the end of the week. I won't be invoicing on the 27th after 2 p.m. when the process begins. Submitted at least sixty invoices on Tuesday afternoon and the goal is to whittle away the number of invoices to zero-ish as possible.

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