I was standing outside after dusk looking toward the horizon when I saw a large meteor fall through the sky then behind some hills. Unlike a real world fireball, which would've been a bright streak and moving fast, this object was very cartoony. In other words a distinct moon-y sphere with craters enveloped with orange flames fanned back by its descent. I stared at the point where it vanished wondering if there was going to be a flash from the impact or not. Rather the sky just continued turning darker with night's approach much to my confusion and consternation.

In a later dream I was participating in a Japanese story writing contest. The set-up for everyone's stories was about the discovery of an ancient text. Writing on the provided paper with a pen full of orange ink, the words just flowed from me and breathed life into a world where an intelligent species inhabited Earth as far back as the dinosaurs. What was found was proof of their existence, safely transported to the future in a sandwich of volcanic dust and ash. During the dream I had an idea about the story being written, but upon waking up and the passage of Thursday I forgot the details.
What I do recall was saying, "I'm going to cut and paste this so I don't forget the story."

So much for that, eh?

Met up with my dealer from Whiting who passed along metformin to me.
I'm taking the metformin in hopes of losing weight with it. Doctors believe metformin affects hunger cues and whether someone feels satiety. The trade off is diarrhea, at least for me, but eventually that gets sorted and I won't have dire urges to have a poo. There have been studies suggesting metformin could also slow aging, increase lifespans, and prevent age-related illness. Speaking as laity, I believe those effects are akin to the same ones experienced by those observing caloric restriction as a lifestyle. Caloric restriction can arise from baryatric surgery or choosing to eat minimal food while avoiding malnutrition. Also metformin may help develop cells that create myelin, the insulating sheath around nerves and the spinal cord and brain cells. With multiple sclerosis those myelin sheaths are non-existent and expose nerves to damage and deterioration. Also it can help with tears in tendons and other parts of the body.

Metformin is exciting stuff and it's remarkably safe.

Just want to say it's good to see a different human being who isn't Leah.
I know I see different people every day, e.g. people at work, but I don't interact with them. I'm not friends with them and they're not friends with me.
Outside of Leah and my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law, I don't regularly interact with other people.

I feel too tired or defeated to try and change this state of affairs.

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