I took klonopin on Sunday night but didn't pop one on Monday to sleep. Fortunately I slept quite well and had a bit of a dream. It's notable because in the dream I encountered this woman who could be Edna LaMontagne Voegele's doppelgänger. I follow her on OnlyFans.
An aside, I've determined this is not Edna LaMontagne Voegele at all. Edna has hazel eyes while the body doppelgänger has blue eyes.
Anyway I encountered the body doppelgänger in the dream and she told me she lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Not gonna creep the body doppelgänger. I will be surprised if it turns out the dream was spot-on though.

In other weird coincidence news, I checked Bitmoji Stories on Snapchat on Monday and there was a comic about making friendship bracelets. A bitmoji is a character made by the user which typically resembles the user. From there, the bitmoji app and/or Snapchat will pose the character in nutty situations to make the aforementioned comics. Anyway here's the punchline from Monday's strip. The fella in the back is my friend Wednesday.

wednesday made a friendship bracelet for the cat

An hour later I'm browsing Instagram and find this in my feed.

someone made a friendship bracelet for their cat irl, presumably

This is waaay too specific to be a coincidence. I mean who the hell thinks about making friendship bracelets for a cat anyway? I'm a giant ailurophile and never had the thought cross my mind.

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