Quick catch-up.

Foot pain was caused by my weight giving me a case of plantar fasciitis fascitis. On Saturday I went to Toms River to take care of the cats. Went to the CVS in Seaside Heights for four vaccines: tetanus, hepatitis b, the flu, and shingles. Stayed overnight sleeping on the couch. Did laundry as well.
On Sunday I was feeling weak and vulnerable but still went to volunteer at the cat rescue but I didn't do as much as I had hoped then left early. Felt like being outside for sunshine and exposing myself to the ocean but parking was working against me, so I went back to the 'hood. Laid in bed for five hours then broke down to take acetominophen and head to the supermarket for soup, crackers, bread, and some juice. On my way back I was feeling better.
For BoneQuest's 25th anniversary I'm going to do a science-fiction themed music stream. Wound up putting my stream together while chatting with my friend Wednesday on Telegram. He showed me a new text-to-speech service that's a bit better than Oddcast. Discovered a woman who does covers of popular music in the Klingon language (tlhIngan Hol) and I'm including her music. Wound up going to bed around 11 p.m. Woke again sometime after midnight, took two melatonin because anxiety was waking me, and eventually slept.
Monday was uneventful except for being obsessed with my audio project. While at work I set up the rough playlist, took several notes about what needs to be done to polish the stream, and I prepared more than twenty invoices as well.

I dreamt that Wednesday called me on the phone to say I was a homophobe. That rattled me.

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