Either the wifi here in the 'hood is awful or my computer has shit connectivity via wifi. Tried uploading my 942 megabyte flac file via wifi and it kept stalling or crapping out. My computer attempts kept giving me ridiculous numbers of 10 hours while progressing at a snail's pace. Fortunately my phone has free data and I'm uploading it that way in record time. When that's done I just have to submit my tracklist, suggested promotional art, and a link to the dropbox to the production team before going about my life as usual.

For a moment there I was afraid I would need to go to Toms River and either use the connection there. At least I have a CAT-5 adapter on my computer meaning I can rely upon a wired connection rather than seemingly-capricious wifi.

On Sunday I went for a long walk punctuated with me sitting on benches. Walked 4.77 miles, or 7.67 kilometers, and got a slight sunburn. My legs felt uncomfortable afterwards but I will be okay. Had this been a forced march with Leah, she would've driven me until I injured myself or berated me for being too fat and incapable of keeping up with her.

Also my stream was accepted by BoneQuest.fm.

a response from the bonequest team regarding my anniversary stream submission - we received the file, listened to it this afternoon. sounds great, love the original content bq hi-fi esque skits \(or maybe those are hi-fi episodes, not sure\) but anyway! love it, love everything about it. the show will be scheduled shortly, we're still juggling slots xoxo -pants

a congratulations bonequest strip.

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