My friend in South Korea messaged me on Telegram that Trader Joe's sells kimbap. Went there after work and they didn't have any in stock. Lady there said I should try back tomorrow. Maybe call in the morning to reserve some for myself.

There was a little strangeness on Sunday. I went to the supermarket to pick up my chicken breasts, broth, and Churu. Recently read an online article advising people to skip the self-checkout since people are being nabbed for shoplifting, regardless if they actually did try to sneak a thing or two. So I found the line that was the least onerous and turns out the neighboring register suddenly became open. I asked if I could enter my telephone number for HUGE SAVINGS and she offered to do it for me. Guess I wound up asking, "Can you enter..." because I was being sloppy with language and thinking at the moment, then I insisted on doing it myself but she said she was okay with doing it. After I checked out my giant grocery order, she took my hot/cold bag and filled it up. After I paid, she walked around the back of the register to hand it to me.

Just hit me strange. Maybe if I was twenty seven years younger I'd think she was hitting on me, but who knows?

I have to pick up the pace again with seeking a new place to live. Out of the blue, two weeks after my aborted search, one of the places got back to me. I'll be checking it out tomorrow night at 7 p.m. in Allenwood. That is if they send me the address.

Before I go, I'll be hitting Trader Joe's in Brick for that kimbap.

Monday was my first full day without drinking soda. Reckon that's a good thing. Also for dinner I had a link of kielbasa and a whole bag of pierogies. In retrospect that was a lot of food but I can dial it down the next time I have dinner.

While coming home from work, well Trader Joe's, I had a story idea. Gonna jot it down after I'm done writing a note for my friend in Matawan.

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