Either I'm making a big mistake or not. Remaining optimistic.

an old dream from 8/17/2015

Somehow I found a portal to Colorado Springs. The geographical features of the dream Colorado Springs are slightly exaggerated, but it manifests the spirit of the city. I'm greeted by deep blue skies upon popping through and I can't help but fall on the ground, roll around shouting, "I'm home! I'm home!" The feeling was so intense to be almost real.

Wanting to share this with my wife, I pop back through and find myself in the town I grew up in New Jersey. I'm at the corner of Caldwell and Mountain, across from the high school. Looking up, the skies are washed out, nearly gray, with particulates hanging like dust in a sunbeam. I covered my mouth to avoid breathing them in and hurry to the nearby convenience store.

It's parking lot is now underground, and nearly everwhere I step is covered in shit. A chubby alt girl is stepping out and I ask, "What year is it?"

"Har har, if I tell you then you'll shout 'It works' then run off."

Fuck. "No, I'm trying to set my mom's alarm clock."

She brushes past me and I follow. There's snow on the ground, despite it being July and remark on it. She ignores me. The more she ignores me, the more obsessed I become. She ends up at a tall, 19th century apartment building with an outside staircase wrapped in catwalks. Despite the crush of people, I'm able to keep up but when she reaches her floor and parks in front of her computer I give up my pursuit.

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