At the very least I have made a new acquaintance.

a photoshopped image of kirk and spock passionately kissing to promote d.j. todd bazinskys one-shot science fiction music stream entitled farts of space and it is called episode iv a new poke

Want to hear 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 50 seconds of lofi and ambient music? Tune in to bonequest.fm on Friday the 18th at 3 p.m. EDT, Sunday the 20th at 9 p.m., Tuesday the 22nd at 3 a.m., and Thursday the 24th at 9 a.m. All times are eastern daylight time.

Most likely I'll make the file freely available from my Dropbox or just message me through the usual channels and I'll just send it to you.

Thank you and consider spreading the word so more people listen to bonequest.fm.

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