My Esperantist friend in Arizona says that I have a different voice when I speak English than when I speak Esperanto. He's autistic and cultivates his superpowers. So I sent a voice memo to my Esperantist friend in South Korea asking if he notices if I sound different in each language. He says, according to him, I pretty much sound the same.
While reading my Shirley Jackson anthology on the back deck of the house in the 'hood, I voice memo'ed my friend in Arizona who says at first he couldn't differentiate the accents between speakers but now he can discern if someone's Asian or American when they speak Esperanto. To which I responded, "Ŝhiru vian ĉemizon kaj montru la "A" sur via brusto al la mondo!".

Bontempoj, ĉu ne?

I have been dreaming but not really keeping notes. My memory gets ground down thanks to the grind of my day job. What I do recall from the other night was how I acquired a flat brown or tarnished bronze brick an inch thick by six inches long by four inches wide. For everyone else that's 2.54 cm thick by 10.16 cm wide and 15.24 cm long. This artifact wasn't completely solid. The "bottom" half was made entirely of the material but the top half was full of stylized pihrana plants from Nintendo's Mario video game franchise. For those unfamiliar, think of cartoony venus flytraps. Those cups blindly snapped at the air, not without a sense of mild menace, and something about the object imparted how it is important. When I placed my hand atop these pihrana plants, I wasn't bit as if they were contained within a glass box protecting my hand from their snapping maws. I carried it through my dream but whatever oneiric plot surrounding my situation and belongings faded with sunrise, only to be exascerbated by pumping out invoices all day.

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