Monday was a little better than the weekend. I credit the improvement to writing two haiku, one in Esperanto and the other in English.

moths drawn towards flames
seasonal depression's cure
burning happiness

I can't be arsed right now to translate the following haiku into English while keeping its 5-7-5 meter.

vitra pafileg'
destruigos la mondon
frakasos per plum'

A glass cannon
Will destroy the world.
Shattered by a feather.

Today I bought a tincture bottle with an eye dropper and made my microdose solution. 120ml of cheap vodka and two tabs of LSD. Right now they're contributing their magic to the alcohol and I'll probably give it a whirl on Saturday before I see LBI perform in Lakewood at The Strand.

I still have a square of mushroom chocolate, a gift from my dealer in Livingston, and another tab for when I can trip balls for a whole day. I did ask my dealer in Manchester if she'd be my trip sitter, but she avoided the question and caught me up on her health situation. I worry about her.

Half-watched What Dreams May Come (1998) with Robin Williams and it was a bit slow and boring. Fell asleep halfway through and when I awoke the film was drawing to a close with a cloying, happy Hollywood ending. I am hoping Vanilla Sky is better.

an old dream from 12/5/2015

Let's see if I can still remember last night's dream.

First part involved a person with encephalopathy. A woman I don't know in waking life, and probably never met in dreams. She was confined to a bed and hoping to commit suicide. Most of the dream was spent trying to say the word "encephalopathy", and it's difficult with the right hemisphere since it lacks a language center.

Someone handcuffed her to her headboard and footboard and she died.

Her body was packed up into a granite mausoleum about 3' x 4'. Her grave's headboard was a black granite stone with her particulars and an engraved photograph from better times. A crane lifted the entire package, swung it over the burial plot and dropped it. The stones cracked, fell in on each other, and it was a huge mess.

Final quarter of the dream had me hanging out on the dead woman's bed. A female friend from Colorado showed up and started talking to me. Turns out she had four legs. Best way to describe is her hip doubled up, she could stand upright, but had four legs. She lay on the bed, lifted her legs, putting them over my shoulders, while her other legs wrapped around my hips. She had two vaginas.

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