I think I'm busy but I'm really pissing my life away into RimWorld. My pawns are taking their sweet time tiling rooms with marble tile and I hope they are done soon. Getting low on components and there are many objects to deconstruct for raw materials. Playing RimWorld helps pass the time after work.

Weather is turning cold on a dime and giving change. By Saturday the high temperature is supposed to be 20°F / -6°C / 267 Kelvin.

Funny thing about my job is the office is located on the second floor. It has a handicap-accessible bathroom but the only way to reach the second floor is by stairs. Why even bother?

On Saturday night I just journalled instead of revising my first draft of The Shadow Over Evergreen Avenue nor did I start writing anything new and original, or original and derivative, but on Sunday morning I wrote a poem. It's pornographic doggerel that I almost shared but decided against it. Any creative writing is still a win.
In a similar vein, the last thirty minutes at work were nothing and very boring. I struggled to remain awake and I hoped to have a little inspiration to occupy my mind during the boredom but Calliope eluded me.

On Sunday I bought a crock pot/slow cooker and realized how to make my chili in the slow cooker by searching the web. Also there's a neat recipe for wings that I should try sometime soon.

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