Groundhog Day

Wednesday afternoon wound up being slow for me. After lunch the woman training me had to dispatch jobs for the rest of the day and I was stuck at my soon-to-be desk browsing my phone. A little later I wandered into the kitchen and took a few pieces of the free pizza the company owner bought and washed them down with some Pepsi. The one constant was standing by the windows and watching the sunset. First I thought to myself, "The sun only looks like my homeworld's sun when it's this low in the sky." A little theme from being back in Colorado Springs and feeling a bit more creative. Next thought that struck me was a parallel being drawn between myself and Leah. I knew Leah back in college but she turned me down when I asked her out on a date. At my new-old job I worked there for a year then left to be a title searcher for three and a half years. Now I'm back and the parallel drawn was marrying Leah after we reconnected twenty years after college.
Part of me worried that the new-old job was going to end badly much like the marriage. On the other hand, maybe I won't and this is a way of loading from an old save in a video game but taking a different direction. For what it's worth I don't feel anxious at the new-old job, it seems that I'm doing well and picking up old skills quickly. Sometime soon there's going to be a meeting between me, the company Vulcan, and the woman training me to point out my strengths and where I have room for growth.

After work I deposited my only paycheck from the graveyard shift, cut a check for rent, and bought a Valentines Day card. I wanted to buy another but I couldn't find one that conveyed what I wanted to convey, without the saccharine lovey-dovey crap. Back in the 'hood I filled out three of the cards and wrote a letter for Valentines Day, but I'm going to still keep an eye out for a good card rather than just sending a piece of loose-leaf paper in a business envelope. My intent is that the sentiment comes across as something special rather than something a little bland, even though I believe the words are strong enough. Rounding out my night of writing I sent a wall-of-text to Sarah about thalassolatry and pounded out these words for

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