I am very judgemental. I get into work and the women around me are having an involved conversation about "kids these days", how kids are split into two groups and how one's daughter-or-something prefers to sit alone rather than take either side nor align with the outcasts. Almost every sentence was punctuated with, "School wasn't like that when I was a kid" or an eyeroll at the end of saying, "Kids these days". I distracted myself to get a clue as to their politics, whether they're supporters of the insurrectionists or otherwise but any politics remained vague to me. Being pro-child and defensive of children affects both ideologies.
The judgement came after hearing those two statements when I thought, "Nothing has changed except you are older and you're a parent." You didn't have a smartphone. You didn't have the internet. But you witnessed the same bullshit firsthand and chalked it up to typical schoolyard life rather than realizing how toxic school can be towards one's social development. An eidolon of one of these yentas responded in my head, "Well it wasn't that way for me" emphasizing the fact that if it wasn't true for her then it must be true for everyone else... except the ones who deserved it. Pity.

There's no arguing or communication with these kinds of women. These kinds of people, regardless of gender, become another species considering their brains are switched off after pumping one out and their sole focus is their offspring. By saying "no arguing or communication" implies their minds have become focused and insect-like where their sole purpose becomes children.
Wish there was a more contemptuous way to write the word children without going into cringe territory.

As they wound down their conversation they were talking about 'scary' moments in real life and wondering if they'd wind up on Dateline. People actually willingly watch scare television for entertainment? Folks reckon they'd be important enough to even be a blip on some program like Dateline? I thought about Leah for a moment, remembered how she fetishizes Law & Order and binges on it despite probably having watched every episode known to mankind, and wondered if crime dramas and true crime are a female social phenomenon.

Fortunately the workday began and they shut the fuck up.

Driving home there was some guy in the right-hand lane with the back of his car covered in pro-insurrection ideological messages. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I wound up next to him and the guy was wearing a red baseball cap. One of those baseball caps. All of a sudden my brain gave me a info dump of the guy being essentially lonely, only found any real acceptance amongst insurrectionists, bought into it wholesale for the community aspect, and is essentially irredeemable as a human being.
Guy was speeding in the right lane, switching further to the right on Route 37 East to make a turn and I found myself hoping to witness a car accident.

For those of you playing along at home, I am pooping again. Monday night I had a shit, then Tuesday was clearing out the system after days of being backed up no thanks to my chili and the morphine for my kidney stone at the emergency room. Been eating oatmeal again in hopes of maintaining regularity. Plus I shouldn't really want for food since I have two tupperwares of my chili to be eaten in moderation along with five chicken breasts cooked in buffalo sauce with my slow cooker.

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