In light of my entry dated for Saturday, I scratched my itch trying to make a story arc for a Vampire: The Masquerade game. Went to eat breakfast for dinner at the Blue Swan in Ocean, NJ and I brought along my new spiral-bound, three-subject notebook. Once that was done I wrote down some story ideas which haunt my mental back burner, validating how I might have some decent ideas. The self-affirming ego boost was tempered by a defeated voice in my head saying, "Yeah everything's through Amazon. They want the broadest possible audience. There are no small publishers anymore" and so forth to make case that I have no chance of making it even if I get off my ass and finish writing something.

On Sunday I cooked chicken in my slow cooker, then ate one of the breasts with dirty rice for dinner. Hopefully I'll get my weight under control and start losing weight.

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