An acquaintance posted about an event happening this June called the Summer Isle Burn out in central Pennsylvania. A ticket is sixty bucks and I'm strongly considering attending the event. It's analogous to Burning Man, observing the Ten Principles, but it happens in a wooded area nowhere near a desert. The only real dangers are rattlesnakes and copperheads who hide out in woodpiles and take a little extra time to leave an area after the arrival of many humans.

I haven't done anything for myself in the way of a vacation or having fun in years. Reckon this event will be outside of my wheelhouse.

Reckon I'm going to need a tent, an air mattress, a solar shower, a headlamp and other light source, rope as a clothesline, plastic bags to keep stuff dry and carry out crap, and food. I will probably be there from Friday into Sunday, returning to New Jersey on Monday and 'recovering', which means I need to figure out my food situation for at least three or four days. I already own a good camping backpack with a water bladder.

  • Solar shower - $20
  • Tents - $30 - $90
  • Air mattress - $30-$90
  • Tarp - $15

On top of that there's gas and tolls getting into Pennsylvania. It's a four-hour drive from the 'hood to Bedford, PA.

Hoping this is doable.

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