Please note I added old dreams to the entries for 6/5/2023 and 5/29/2023.

After my shift at the cat rescue, I'm heading back down to Egg Harbor Lake again to hang with Sarah and more people. This time we'll be able to stay later because she doesn't have to give a TED Talk on something she loves in Philadelphia.

an old dream from 6/11/2015

It's snowy in a city, and I'm driving a convertible through crowded streets. One interaction stands out, i.e. the only one I remember, is someone walking their dogs over my car. One's a doberman, and the other is a small pink dog with black swirls on her fur. The breed isn't a poodle, but something boxy and strong like a pit bull. The dog walker apologizes but I wave it off, admitting my fondness for canines.

Meet up with my wife and mother-in-law at a hotel restaurant. Our meeting is to discuss my cancer diagnosis.

Please note, in waking life I don't have cancer. In waking life, my father-in-law is pursuing traditional treatment with turkey tail mushroom supplements as an adjunct. The combination appears to be working, just as it did for Paul Stamets's mother. Also Cite and cite, except I think the HuffPo article says they won't work on conservative voters.

In the dream, I was going to ask my wife if I could buy a $40 bottle of turkey tail mushroom supplements. My mother-in-law plops down next to me, leaning amiably against me for a while. Wife comes in with some Roman slave character who's all muscly. "Oh, this is my friend" giving her Betty Rubble giggle. She begins to poke slaveboy's pecs and I think, "Yeah, I'm not going to treat the cancer. I'll let it ravage my body and let her watch, if she sticks around to keep me company in my final hours."

I decide to text my mother-in-law and let her know where I was coming from, she asked me to whisper since her phone would ding with each text making our correspondence public. Frustrated she didn't know how to turn off her notifications, I just whispered in her ear.

Ended up beating the shit out of slaveboy, and walking out on the other half of my family forever. The snow was turning to ash, and I looked away from the setting sun for Immortan Joe or other barbarians with pitiably short lifespans.

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