Here's a little piece of fiction I wrote on Friday night at the writing workshop over at the local cat rescue.

Odin stared out the same window for more than a year, watching traffic, marveling at the loud train waking him and the other cats at the rescue in the early morning hours. Besides the well-meaning humans and the motley group of strays, his only other companions were a pair of ravens roosting on the power lines who were deaf to his cries. Cries that led not to freedom but being pet, picked up, nuzzled, and being spoken to in silly voices. At first it was embarassing but, in time, the attention wasn't so bad. While the Odin may not have his true form, this 'worship' carried him through the day.

It was a Thursday after his morning stretch, a few minutes at the kibble bowl followed by a hearty draught at the water fountain until he was chased away by the ornery tortie with no patience for other cats. Odin was a cat and a remarkable specimen. Tall at the shoulder, holding his head with a noble bearing, a fulgrinous coat, and two large eyes the color of the moon when she is low on the horizon. Despite any pretentions that may come from his name, Odin found himself content to nap and eat between the hours of holding vigil at the window. Today both birds were nowhere to be seen. If he still had his balls they would've gone cold. "Maybe the birds will come back" he thought to himself while remembering the distant company and familiarity he associated with their presence.

A slight click followed by the noisy front door scraping open sent almost all the cats scattering to their cubbies, hiding spots, and cat castles. The humans were early by Odin's reckoning since there had only been three, not four, trains that morning. Instead of a small tattooed lady was a large man with red hair and a full beard sneaking into the room. Quite a large specimen with a broad chest covered by coveralls and a massive tool belt around his waist bearing several tools including a prominent hammer.

"Father!" The giant's voice was rough but spoke with love and relief.

"Oh no", meowed Odin.

With two steps the giant crossed the room and Odin pressed himself against those enormous hands gently stroking his midnight fur, "Mother did quite a job on you."

Odin shrugged. "I have two eyes again. Can't complain, really. Except did they really have to neuter me?" Their eyes met, "How did you get in here?"

With reverence and pride the giant spoke in a stage whisper, "The dwarves of Nidavellir forged me a key capable of opening any door. Thought and Memory led me here as I finally earned P.T.O. so I came to adopt you." The giant's eyes were clear, bright, and earnest.

Odin flicked his tail, turned and began to curl into a ball for a nap to gently urge his son to go back home. "Thank you, but no."

"Father, why!?"

His paw batted the window ledge, "Look outside."

Thor bent down and looked out the window marred by the noses of several cats. The street was quiet and the warehouses across the way still gave the impression of Asbury Park still being an abandoned ghost town, yet Thor worked a few blocks away thanks to the town's revitalization. The sun was still behind the low skyline keeping the cat rescue in the shadowy remains of the previous night. Strolling down the early morning sidewalk was a slight fellow with an immaculately manicured moustache wearing a powder blue shirt and khakis. Leading the way was a small, white bichon frise whose attention was turned towards the cat rescue more than where they were walking. Thor's beard was split by a goofy smile, "That? He's adorable!"

Fur bristled as Odin hissed, "Fenris." The name fell heavy on Thor's ears.

"No." Lights in the room began to brighten followed by a whiff of ozone. "That..." Thor unhooked Mjollnir from his belt and pointed at the dog, "...is Fenris Wolf?"

"And I the All-Father, the Gautr of men, Delight of Frigg, and Lord of the Aesir am here in this shape" taking measure of his feline form with his soft paws.

"Why, I shall..." shouted Thor.

Odin's true voice roared from the tiny body, "YOU WILL DO NOTHING!" The cat room fell silent and Thor's shoulders slumped with eyes downcast. "If I am adopted, it's all over." Odin spoke again with the small, charming voice of a cat. "Ragnarok. Fenris will swallow the moon heralding war. As long as I am here Midgard and the Aesir are safe."

"Oh, Father!" Thor pleaded, dropping the mighty hammer on the floor only to be sniffed by the tortie's curious nose.

With another shrug, "I am warm. I am fed. They give me... Churu."

Thor clapped his hands sending the tortie scampering away, "Yes, I would also like this Churu!"

"No, you wouldn't."

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