More writing, but this was rescued from a site that's currently dying and deservedly so.

Not only can one buy maps off of eBay but one can also purchase dried deep-one eggs along with a kit for raising them. They're super easy and one just adds water, using the special baby deep one flakes to feed them. It may not seem like there's enough food but that's the whole point. You'l have hundreds of baby deep ones but they'll begin eating each other until there's only one left.

After that the surviving deep one enters their second instar and you'll have to make sure you have an available bathtub for them to live in while they grow. In their second instar they require a lot of fresh meat, they're content with eating fish, but they're smart enough to change their water. I remember coming home from work one day, my little Elijah was wandering in the living room and about to take a bite out of my cat and I shouted, "Elijah, no!"

He dropped the cat and said, "Sorry, Daddy" and my heart melted. He gives the best, but dampest hugs. Best of all he hasn't troubled the cat since then.

Right now Elijah is fast approaching his third instar and could pass, with a trenchcoat and broad-brimmed hat, outside in the real world. Sometimes late at night I can hear his trilling from the guest bathroom, gurgling names of unwholesome entities. Best of all is when I am asleep and dreaming, I'll apprehend ancient, alien vistas and find Elijah waiting for me. Typically the dreams end with the sun being blotted out and a feeling of dread, but it's good to be loved.

Even if it's for only a few more years.

Overall I had a lovely weekend. Got a surprise message on Saturday night except the sender states they were black-out drunk when they sent it. I have low expectations and I'm protecting myself, but that was a lovely sentiment to receive regardless of one's state of mind. The writing workshop at the cat rescue was a tonic for my soul. Sunday was low-key and was spent doing minor tweaks to inkubo.org, e.g. the a tiny pencil icon to denote when i post my writing and using #FF6600 to color text of my writing-writing, e.g. when Calliope is with me and I am able to write something out while believing it's worth sharing.

Volunteering at the cat rescue on Sunday was lovely but also sad. A black cat named Reilly was put down because he was sick and developed pneumonia. According to the vet there was no way he was going to get better. Wound up crying while cleaning the cats's food dishes and water fountains. Spoke with one of the redhead twins about weed and told the other one my camping trip was me attending a burn out in Pennsylvania. Later I ran out the clock in the isolation room with a new rescue named Benny. He is very affectionate and wanted to be held like a baby in my arms. We spent quality time together until about 2 p.m. when I decided it was time to leave. Also made the acquaintance of a cream-colored cat named Tangerine who is quite handsome and a rough little gray cat named Earl. Earl reminded me of the gray cat who would mooch around the house in Toms River, except this Earl had quite a nip on his ear after his vet check-up. Still Benny won my heart and he's a good boy.

Everything else? Cooked. Read. That's it.

a photograph of me holding a tabby cat with white markings in my arms. the cat is laying on his back, at ease and relaxed in my embrace.
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