Tuesday at work went fast, thank goodness. Typically work drags. After work I had to stop at the old place, bring in Keeks, bring in the Chewy box, and put away a garbage can that was left out after garbage pick-up. From there I went to dinner at Klee's, talked about my burn, caught up with my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law.

Despite smoking indica on Monday night, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies if you must know, I did dream a little bit but it happened in the early morning hours. I manifested in the lobby of the Monmouth County Clerk's office. Or "The Keeper of Records" as they prefer to entitle themselves. Outside it was night, but there were searchers busying themselves going between the surrogates room and the searcher room and the records. I noticed my former co-worker, who was let go back in October because she wasn't keen on learning new things requested by the company, was caught up in the rat race of title searching again. "So did Atlantic hire you?"
She laid on the ground and I could see she was wearing blue underthings then she rolled away, as if she was laying on a mechanic's creeper.

On Wednesday evening I'm hoping to deliver some much-needed cat litter to the rescue.

Also I need to make a point of learning how to use Pulsar for my writing, and potentially editing/composing for inkubo.org, so I can do everything in one place rather than using BlueFish Editor for xhtml and whatever else that isn't a spiral-bound notebook for my other writing.

I learned about Pulsar from my friend from Mastodon, and formerly Twitter, Steven D. Brewer who is an actual published author with books and everything. He swears by it.

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