I don't need dreams where I have meaningful, in-person heart-to-hearts with Oklahoman blondes.

In waking life, I'm stable, I've moved on, and happy with my lot.

Also having me put into an Egyptian sarcophagus alive at the end of a dream is shitty.

Right now I feel good. I am confident with that assertation.

This is a little something I wrote at Mastodon after I wondered about writing a spaceship with a gay ship artificial intelligence.

"Look at that star drive! The hull isn't ceramic. It's 100% NASA and it's light years from Earth."


"Caught in a slipstream? Wormhole? Highjacked then dumped by Others? Who cares, it's /here/."

Barnard's Star was quickly eclipsed by the hulk creating a minor void limned with a red aura. No lights were evident on the hull. Engines were cold. Life signs? None.

"Let's do an EVA."

With a puff of atmosphere two bright orange figures floated into the void, tiny jets of white maneuvering them towards the ship. Minutes later a hatch was opened and both braved the darkness within.

"Sensors say the air is half an atmosphere but still breathable."

His partner was already inhaling with their faceplate turned up. "NASA built things to last. I don't need sensors to know it's safe in here."

A deep hum vibrated through the ship as actinic white lights flashed to life, revealing dusty white corridors full of drawers and cubbies. A voice echoed, "Oooooh... it's been AGES since I last had men inside me."

The astronauts looked at each other.

"Well hello sailors" purred the ship, "What are two cuties like you doing in a sector like this?"

Also I translated an old meme from the internet into Esperanto

too lazy to write alt text, sorry.

tro laca verki alternan tekston, pardonu min

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