Last night I discovered Charles Bukowski has a collection of poems about cats titled On Cats. I found this and found it pleasing.

My Cats

I know. I know.
they are limited, have different
needs and

but I watch and learn from them.
I like the little they know,
which is so

they complain but never
they walk with a surprising dignity.
they sleep with a direct simplicity that
humans just can’t

their eyes are more
beautiful than our eyes.

and they can sleep 20 hours
a day
hesitation or

when I am feeling
all I have to do is
watch my cats
and my

I study these
they are my

While reading the book's page on Goodreads, a site I have yet to figure out, I found this gem.

our argument tonight
whatever it was
no matter
how unhappy
it made us

remember that
there is a
adjusting to the
space of itself
with a delightful
wonderment of

in other words
magic persists
without us
no matter what
we do
against it.

The second stanza(?) about a cat adjusting to the space of itself reminded me of my friend in LBI. Earlier that day she posted to IG a video of her dancing. The way she was moving, rolling around, and strutting reminded me very much of feline liquidity.

What I found to be interesting is Bukowski shared a sentiment very similar to one of Burroughs's feelings about cats. Bukowski wrote, "A cat is only itself. Burroughs wrote, "The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself."

I believe the dream-suppressing agents in marijuana are diminishing because I am dreaming more and remembering more. The other night I dreamt I was in a supermarket with my (former?) friend Lilija. We were just shopping as normal, no idea why we were together, but there was a this fat, linebacker kinda chick wearing a scarlet jacket with gold trim who came out of nowhere while pushing a pallet or a large cart. Linebacker cut us off and stared at me. Her face was deformed by fat and she had squinty blue eyes with an evil, hungry grin.

There was a scene change and I was watching a woman taking a shower in a sink's drain. She was small and lit by a light shining from above the drain. I don't remember much else.

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