Taking full advantage of the $200 I won on Friday, I bought myself breakfast, a new external hard drive, then lunch at the Brick Costco. I took care of the cats as well.

I created a live CD for Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) and apparently I did install something on my laptop which killed the printer's functionality. When I was using the live CD, the printer was able to print out a small text document that I mashed on my keyboard. Also of note my first 1 terabyte external hard drive is read-only for some reason which eludes me. At least the documents on that drive are not lost and I can retrieve them.

At the moment I'm running rsync to back up my current hard drive on the new external hard drive. Tomorrow, after I write for the fortean website, I'm going to wipe the drive and do a clean install of 22.04. Everything about my browser is backed up, along with my Reddit Enhancement Suite settings and filters, along with a list of essential programs for my computer.

If there are any issues I'll be complaining about them, by way of my smartphone, on Mastodon.

The other $100 is going into purchasing some Nice Stuff™ for myself. Next Saturday I'm getting my oil changed, new tires, and having the guys at the garage figure out what's going on with my car. It appears when my gas gets low, leaving me with fewer than 80 miles on the odometer, the check engine light goes on and gives a code for the catalytic converter. It came back on Saturday afternoon much to my annoyance. I filled the tank and went into Seaside to fill my front driver-side tire since it seems to have a Very Slow Leak, but also to bug the fellas there. When I got there they were perplexed but said they'd investigate the matter next Saturday. After filling the tire I turned on my car and the check engine light turned off, so I went back inside and according to the code history of my car it only showed codes for the catalytic converter. Hopefully this is a minor issue than something major like the catalytic converter.

Next Sunday I'm getting my early bird ticket for Summer Isle Burn in Pennsylvania.

On Monday I'm calling my credit union about refinancing my car loan since three of the questions have answers which elude me. Kinda annoyed going through their site is the only way of requesting a refinance.

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