The upgrade from 18.04 to 22.04 was painless. Just took a lot of time. The time sink is being blamed on Ubuntu's implementation of IPv6 making my wifi slow but once it was disabled things went at an acceptable pace. By the time I was finished with the process, I was tired and went to bed.

On Monday Leah told me she underwent two biopsies for concerning masses in her left breast. She asked me to come over and bring a pizza for her while she convalesced. Wound up being there 'til 8 in the evening. It was awkward because she tried to get me to talk about my friends, but I realized she was probably worried that Matawan was Lisa.

After work on Tuesday I stopped at my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-laws because she had sausage and peppers for me. They were frozen but they're defrosting in the fridge as I type this. After that I went to see Leah because she had "Chicken Leah" for me to take home and I'm not going to turn down free food. She wanted to go for a walk and have activity, so she asked me to accompany her. We went around the neighborhood, walked by the water near the yacht club, down to the end of the street where one could see the ferris wheel in Seaside Heights, then walked back.

As we walked, the sun sunk lower in the west and the sky turned an orange gold hue. The silhouettes of the trees, their branches, and the houses framed the light beautifully and I paid more attention to the sight as Leah rambled on and on about what's going on in her life. As we approached the intersection of Morris and Garfield I stopped and looked up to the southwest.
"Look. Venus and Jupiter."
Took her a second to get her bearings but she saw them setting in the southwest.
Thought to myself, "Funny how she burns brighter but he's still the king." An analogy between Leah and myself with the planets. Probably the only positive thought I had about myself today.

Will be spending the weekend in Toms River, signifying at least two good showers and the ability to not have to stress over doing laundry. Maybe Leah will leave food for me. Maybe not. Who knows.

What little I remember from last's night dream involved a green missile battery standing next to a house. I had just come running out of the house because it caught fire in a violent way. When I apprehended the missle battery atop its ten to fifteen foot pole I thought for a second I was looking at a Timber Wolf from Battletech.

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