My check engine light came on again Monday. The light turned off while driving home from work on Wednesday. I really hope the garage can suss out the problem with my car on Saturday.

Within the last week, give or take, I wrote a little bit of flash fiction about someone raising a deep one from a kit much like Sea Monkeys. The posting received a lot of attention via votes and after a few rereads I figured it was an interesting idea. On Wednesday night I began writing a first draft of a short story based upon the outline in my flash fiction and got a mood boost from the effort. I think I stopped at a point that didn't feel final so I can pick up the thread late on Thursday evening after therapy

What I recall from last night's dream was standing in front of Edna. I could only see her head and shoulders. I was telling her how I wanted to kiss every one of her freckles. I don't recall her response but I recall the feeling, how she seemed to feel flattered by the sentiment.

Worst part of not being a title searcher anymore, earning less money than before aside, is how I feel like I have less free time at home. My evenings appear to involve preparing dinner, eating, browsing the internet for an hour or so, then straight to bed.

I really hope this is temporary, or at least this bears financial fruit.

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