an old dream from 3/10/2015

Recently I shared a particularly vivid dream when I slept in the guest room. Read it here.

The other night, I believe I had another 'near death' dream. In this case I was wandering through San Francisco, and my peregrinations took me to the Golden Gate Bridge. Unlike real life, and I'm going according to written sources, this iteration of the bridge had tollbooths for cars and pedestrians every 100 yards. Mind you, the tolls seemed reasonable being only a quarter.

Why am I categorizing this as a 'near death' dream? For one, the attendants were black, just like the security guard in the previous experience. Next, I had some trouble breathing last night. A few times in the dream I realized I wasn't breathing right.

On the bright side, the attendants were serious about collecting their money. To the point of intentionally complicating and delaying my crossing to the other side.

Apparently it's not my time, yet. Still being a porker, despite losing 9 pounds / 4kg in a month, isn't helping things.

Meanwhile, in waking life, I've contacted five web sites about writing for them. Three of them today!

Fingers crossed.

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