Dreamt that I was reading a book of Bukowski's writings and saw a small piece where Bukowski is praising The Orville. The Orville is a science fiction show formerly of Fox and now on Hulu that could be considered a pastiche of Star Trek: The Next Generation except there are some silly elements.

Thing is The Orville debuted in 2017. Bukowski passed away in 1994 so he wouldn't have known anything about the show, let alone Seth McFarlane.

Funny thing is I was able to come to this conclusion in the dream and puzzled over it whereupon the fact I was dreaming became evident and I woke up.

Saturday was alright. Took care of my car, learned my catalytic converter is inefficient sometimes and that's why the check engine light comes on. I'm not in any danger nor does it have to be replaced anytime soon. Wrote for the fortean website. Realized I've been very creative the past couple of days and I had an urge to go to Johnny's to set up and write down my ideas into my notebook. Acquired postage for a birthday card and two postcards that I'm going to mail out on Sunday. Had a ninety minute conversation with an old friend that helped me put some things into perspective.
Using Random Tarot Card I received Death XIII which signifies change. Later I got the Queen of Pentacles which is totally Edna LaMontagne Voegele since there's the 'queen' and Edna being a matriarch (after a fashion) and the pentacles/discs signifying material or money matters aligning with our experience in bookkeeping. Mind you that pentacles/discs are associated with people bearing darker complexions and hair colors. Had it been the suit of wands then more of Edna's physical characteristics. Maybe the Queen of Pentacles refers to the woman who appeared in my dream last night?

Just a rough cheat sheet for myself and those of you playing along at home:

  • Cups signify people with blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Pentacles signify someone with black hair, black eyes, and a darker complexion.
  • Swords signify those with brown hair, brown eyes, but a lighter complexion.
  • Wands signify people with a ruddy complexion, red or auburn hair, and brown/hazel eyes.

And a minute after I banged out that cheat sheet, I did a random tarot card again and got The Hanged Man XII signifying life in suspension.

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