Today I found inspiration from the analysis of a story by Zealia Bishop and H.P. Lovecraft. The inspiration will go towards running a game using the Call of Cthulhu role playing game utilizing the Basic Roleplaying System. I have it all scribbled down on a folded piece of paper in my work backpack. Also inside that pocket are notes to pad out tonight's entry.

While driving home I was thinking about the base-12 number system. The arguments I made in my head for duodecimal are as follows:

  • Twelve has 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12 as divisors
  • Easier to divide things into thirds, fourths, sixths without remainders
  • Decimal only has 2, 5, and 10 as divisors
  • On a philosophical level this perpetuates an us vs. them mentality
  • Cases where someone comes out on top of another person are far greater than with duodecimal
  • The simplicity of decimal having only two divisors implies people aren't very bright
  • This attitude signifies how it's beneficial to ensure people remain unlearned to avoid upsetting authoritarian systems

Just off the seat of my pants and applying spivak's razor. It's a start for a thesis.

Remember back in September when I hung out with that goth member of the Temple of Satan? I thought I wrote about why she decided to avoid me like the plague but I can't find it on my computer. Basically she said I didn't have permission to write about her, even though I earnestly believed I was circumspect and was nothing but positives, and demanded I delete what I wrote from my site. I commented it out then put it back up when I realized that would change nothing. As I wrote before, "bullet dodged".

Last night I dreamt that I saw her again and asked her out. She wanted to know what I'd wear. My instinct told me she was being all judgy like Leah and contemptuous of anything I'd say. "Just what I wear at work. Black t-shirt, jeans, and black cowboy boots."

Black cowboy boots?

I looked down and I was wearing black cowboy boots. Much to my surprise, the goth member of the Temple of Satan rested her head on my right shoulder.


Second part of my dream had me in Breaking Bad where Jesse's girlfriend in the 5th season is murdered by the white supremacist. In this case she was living in Mike Ehrmantraut's house. Instead of the white supremacist, there were a couple of guys there to do the job. I was to hang around after they pulled the trigger but I didn't want to stick around.
So I ran in that slow, running-through-pudding kind of run. My rationale for the slow run was having smoked marijuana (I still haven't smoked since late December). I made my way to a nearby parking garage resembling the municipal lot for the Ocean County courthouse and found myself moving like a snake to get upstairs.

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