Hey it's celebrate drunken stereotypes day. Hoo hoo, fiddle-dee-dee!

Last Saturday my car got new tires. Thursday morning I realized the car was riding smoother and felt like-new again. Also the check engine light for my catalytic converter has not come on again.

After work on Thursday I went to the Chinse buffet. When I got my bill, the server charged me the lunch menu price rather than the regular dinner menu price. I tipped her four bucks which meant I saved a dollar and change had I been charged for the dinner menu without leaving a tip.

Since last Monday I've been suffering from pain on my left leg. At first I was afraid I broke my hip but it wasn't completely broken through. What happened? I have no idea but it seems I might've strained a muscle in my ass or thigh. Getting up and walking around, or exiting my car, means walking funny for a minute or two then walking somewhat less funny after that. This mysterious injury appears to be fading and I am grateful.

My dealer in Livingston posted online about her feelings regarding people she has ghosted coming out of the woodwork to contact her. I rarely hear from her and I'm the one who reaches out on an infrequent basis. My depression wove a narrative that she was vagueposting and I was one of those vague references in that post. A day or two ago she posted on InstaGram about reaching 413 followers. I commented, "Only seven more!" with the joke being the numerical code for marijuana a.k.a 420. Late afternoon on Thursday she liked the comment so maybe she's not ghosting me? Not that I'm looking to rekindle anything, if rekindle is a word I can use since I believe she lost interest in me "that way" after we spent a weekend together, but just being friends. Active friends rather than passive ones. But we're both socially awkward in our own ways, tempered by anxiety. My dealer has been nothing but kind to me, but I have a self image lower than a rattlesnake's belly button.

Over at The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast one of the hosts was making a joke based upon an interesting idea. Lovecraft visited Key West in 1931. During that time, Ernest Hemingway had a pied-à-terre in Key West. No idea if Hemingway was in Key West at the time or if he was 100 miles away in Havana. Still the vision of Lovecraft encountering a fat, friendly polydactyl cat then encountering Hemingway, who Lovecraft exceedingly admired despite their different writing styles, while showing affection towards the cat would be an interesting encounter. Just wondering if Lovecraft would know what Hemingway looked like or not.

Speaking of cats, I volunteered at a cat rescue on Sunday. Two cats stood out to me and they were both lack. One was called Chimera and Chimera was tuckered out, sleeping in a carpet-covered tube on a cat castle, but I still went over to say hello. When Chimera's eyes were closed, I could pet Chimera but when Chimera opened up their eyes danger was nigh. Chimera bit and swiped at me, but I persisted and was probably being an asshole trying to make friends with a cat who was probably tired and wiped out from dealing with humans all day. The other cat was called Odin. He's a large black cat, affectionate, but he has a propensity to bite. Odin would start biting with his incisors which wouldn't hurt. Then Odin would open his mouth wide and get my finger between his back teeth to saw at the flesh on my finger. That was where the pain began. As I'm typing I can see the wounds on my right index finger and they serve to remind me that I exist, and was a presence in a cat's life albeit briefly.

On April 1st I'm going to request a 3D printing of a Cthulhu idol from the Ocean County Library. I can only do one a month and the print can't take more than four hours. As I'm typing I'm downloading Cura Lulzbot to prepare the STL file for submission. Once printed, I'll have the idol rest upon my desk at work.

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