Going to Johnny Mac's on St. Patrick's Day is not a wise idea. The joint is positively packed with twentysomethings singing along with classic rock and modern(?) songs I'm not familiar with. Wound up transcribing most of my notes for Untitled Gaming Project and trying to add more to the story. Had a brief conversation with a kid named Dominic who saw me writing with my little reading lamp set up nearby. His brother is a writer and working hard to make a living at the endeavor. I told him I was creating something for a Call of Cthulhu game.
He wanted to know how I was able to write amidst the chaos. I find it easier to concentrate in a loud place with many distractions than home alone in silence. Well not so much silence, but around people I see everyday but I rarely interact with on a personal level. Also seeing tits is nice.

Wound up leaving at 10 thanks to anxiety. Came home, brushed my teeth, and went to bed.

On Saturday morning my friend in Matawan texted me.

Happy Saturday! You were in my dream last night!

I was just at a party and you happened to be there, holding court. We didn't speak just waved and smiled. You were in a green suit!

That was my good dream then my dreams got super dark.

I am glad I was part of the good story.

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