Felt a bit discombobulated from the past weekend. Didn't get the room in Brick. Volunteering for the cat rescue brought forth uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Also 'work' but 'work' really shouldn't be an excuse unless the job is truly onerous.

n.b.: It isn't.

I did have a dream for yesterday's entry but added it after archiving it for the sake of posterity.

Yesterday I forgot to mention my employer offered invitations to the company to attend a 'comedy night' down in Manahawkin this Saturday. I was the first person to ask to attend. My boss asked for the name of my +1 over email, so I asked him at his office, "One can't go stag?" Apparently he thought I would be bringing someone. I guess that's a good thing? My employer is a major contributor to a charity for childhood cancer and the event is being held for donors. My employer has a table with ten seats. I wonder if Jackie Martling might show up.
So I have something entertaining to do on Saturday. Just gotta get down to Manahawkin by 6 p.m.
Pretty sure I'll be the first person there, as usual.

Right now on Wednesday evening at 8:47 p.m. I have a mild headache. I already showered and I conditioned my beard with coconut oil.

The wife of my friend from the old neighborhood sent me a link to a place in Point Pleasant set up for people who have income issues. After reading... okay skimming... the link I became afraid and didn't look but in the back of my head I hear the lone positive voice saying, "Look into this shit! Get out of Neptune already!"

I shall. It's on my list of things to do like cancelling my 'small' credit card.

Also I'm proud of myself for staying clean and not smoking weed. The other day I was sorely tempted but decided against it. At the moment I believe my current bout of creativity, and a seeming lack of emotional volitility, is coming from drying out from smoking dope.

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