On Wednesday evening I did a good deed.
Work went well on Thursday and I processed quite a few invoices. In the last ten minutes I went through my view and saw there were at least twenty five easy jobs to invoice. Jobs that don't require sign offs, just printing the invoice and sending them to the client. Best of all the vendor was my employer. Hopefully we pushed over the seven figure mark for a month's profits and hit the company's goal. Wound up staying five minutes late to get them ready to send out to the client tomorrow.
My desk was moved so I'd be in the same row as the other members of the admin team. Also I changed my desktop wallpaper to Quark from Deep Space Nine with the captiion "PROFIT" under his smiling face.
After that I went to dinner with my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law at the Miracle Pub. It's good to spend time with someone who listens or has some good advice.
When I returned to the 'hood, I filled out an application for some affordable housing in hopes of leaving my current digs for something better. Something closer to my job in Toms River. It'd be nice to save money, or have money to use for fun things rather than commuting back and forth.
Now I have to cancel one of my credit cards and keep up my momentum to get my shit together.

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