May 1, 2023

On a rainy Sunday I spent my morning with cats. Chimera, my boy, was in isolation because an orange cat named Arthur was being a bully. I didn't know this at first and wound up giving pets to a black cat named Cornelia. When I learned Chimera was in isolation, I waddled back and paid him a visit. Chimera reached his paws through the bars of his cube and I felt choked up. Wound up opening up his enclosure and reaching in whereupon Chimera began rubbing against me. It's not so much that Chimera doesn't like being pet, he likes petting his humans. What killed me was when he laid down on my hand while I was moving it slowly and I could feel him purr. I wished I wasn't poor and had independent means so I could bring Chimera home with me. I hung around a half hour after my volunteer shift had ended.
After that I finished up my food shopping, played some Chained Echoes, cooked some dinner for the week, and watched the 1980 adaptation of Lathe of Heaven on PBS. The basement flooded overnight because New Jersey is getting some serious rain. Wound up lending one of my pillows and an afghan knitted by my biological mother's mother to her so she could nap.

Metformin is working. I'm having some weird and urgent shits. Hopefully my body will calm down soon and I won't have to poop as much.

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