Tired, stoned, another post. Pictures this time.

a screenshot of text from the app named signal. my friend sarah asked can you send positive vibes for the house i am going to see tomorrow? baby i will send you more positive vibes than a hitachi wand.

a screenshot of text from the app named telegram. i wrote that discovery season 5 will have the discovery searching for saru's pronouns. then i wrote huhhh dipshits talking about ancient aliens crap and lost technologies here. bruh simple machines are that powerful. oh god they started blowing each other. and wednesday WRITES YES YES YES YES

a screenshot of text from the app named telegram.. i shared an image of the actor wil smith portraying adolf hitler. i ask wednesday if this is from the midjourney website. wednesday says maybe idk. i reply will smith makes a great hitler tbh whereupon wednesday says that is going on the quote board.

a screenshot from the app named qksms. tim texts me davy jones is better than gordon lightfoot followed by yeah i said it and lightfoot had like three great songs. whereupon i respond. oh but they are indelible. davey jones, a monkee. if he was not, he would not have seen the limelight. tim then says that is racist!

a screenshot from the app named qksms. i texted a link to tim about how the nypd has a robot dog in their ranks. tim responds with all robot cops are bastards! i agree saying they are, friend. tim makes note that comma is doing a lot of heavy lifting!

a screenshot from the app called qksms. tim is telling me he can't post anything scatological. i say the pause that refreshes. tim says it is outrageous! i confirm i know it is outrageous. then tim lets me know no on-site report from feces fest 2023 nor any coverage of this summers shit games. a total media blackout! and forget about the 5k urine fun run because that is ours as well!

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