Last night's dream left me disoriented. I was living in a room on the second floor of a residence by the beach. I was living with the same people I am living with right now in waking life, except not so many. Found myself constantly looking out at the ocean through the balcony window to gauge its temperment. It was quiet but a network film of bubbles on the surface hinted that a fury was building beneath those waves. Each successive peek out the window showed the ocean going from beer bottle green, to a muddy brown, to something far more dark and menacing where the foam reminded me more of hungry teeth than stormy surf.
A single wave then broke on my second floor balcony indicating it was "go-time" as the kids liked to say twenty years ago. Two women in this residence, unknown to me in waking life, were panicking and looking for me to see if I saw the ocean. "Of course I did", I assured them before taking another glance at the menacing sea behind fragile glass. I saw large blue dumpsters floating in water, my car being swept away by the current. When I returned to my living space in the dream I noted it now resembled my waking life living space in the 'hood. So I grabbed my teddy bear and my little green stuffed Cthulhu then stuffed 'em in a plastic trash bag. Wound up digging out two more trash bags to double-seal my irreplaceable laptop so it had a chance of surviving the tempestual onslaught formenting outside. By now the ocean was level with the balcony and waters lapped against the window.
My waking life room but the dream life balcony? Hence the confusion.

I know that the ocean represents my subconscious and I probably have a lot going on which I am reining in with marijuana. Still I have my worries the ocean may one day come for me.

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